Duties and Ethics, etc.

Support for people with disabilities

In April 2016, the “Act on the Elimination of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities” came into force. The aim was to ensure that no citizens are divided according to whether or not they have a disability, and to create a society in which people can live together while respecting each other’s personality and individuality by promoting the elimination of discrimination on the grounds of disability. This was revised in 2021.

Accordingly, “Prohibition of unfair and discriminatory treatment” and “Providing reasonable accommodation” are required. (Please refer to page 39 about reasonable accommodation requests from students with disabilities regarding classes, exams and activities of daily living). When the request form is submitted by students with disabilities (including chronic and incurable diseases), it needs to be handled according to the flow of the Student Academic Support of each department.

○University-wide implementation structure

Kyushu University has appointed an Executive Vice President, who under the direction of the President, has the responsibility to support persons with disabilities. A Committee for the Support of Persons with Disabilities was established to plan, propose, implement, and coordinate efforts to eliminate discrimination against persons with disabilities.

The University also has put in place the following implementation structure to promote the elimination of discrimination against persons with disabilities. It is to make environmental improvements for students, faculty, administrative staff, and all others participating in the activities of Kyushu University.

  • ・Chief administrator for eliminating discrimination against persons with disabilities: President
  • ・General manager with supervisory responsibility for eliminating discrimination against persons with disabilities: Executive Vice President with responsibility for support for persons with disabilities
  • ・Managers with supervisory responsibility for eliminating discrimination against persons with disabilities: Deans
  • ・Supervisors for eliminating discrimination against persons with disabilities: School, institute or faculty staff nominated by the managers with supervisory responsibility

○Definition of people with disabilities

In the regulations regarding the elimination of discrimination against persons with disabilities of Kyushu University, a person with disabilities is defined as follows: “a person with a physical, intellectual, mental or developmental disability, higher brain dysfunction (HBD), an intractable disease, or other disability affecting the functions of the body or mind, who are facing substantial limitations in their continuous daily life or social life because of a disability or social barrier.”

○Definition of social barriers

Items, institutions, practices, ideas, and other things in society that stand as obstacles against persons with disabilities engaging in daily life or social life.

This definition of disabilities is based on the biopsychosocial integration model (the WHO’s ICF model) which holds that disability is not an attribute of the individual, but a social barrier between the individual and society that should be removed.

○Definition of unfair and discriminatory treatment

Violation of the interests or rights of a person with a disability without good reason, on the grounds of disability, by such means as refusing to provide opportunities for education, research, or any other activity carried out by the University, or limiting the places or times when such opportunities are provided, and imposing conditions that are not imposed on people without a disability. (However, this excludes efforts to promote the equality of persons with disabilities or special measures required to achieve this.)

○Definition of reasonable accommodation

Necessary and appropriate modification and adjustments to ensure that persons with disabilities can enjoy or exercise on an equal basis with others all human rights and fundamental freedoms that are deemed to be required in a specific situation and do not impose a disproportionate or undue burden.

○Contact point on campus

  • 1. Counseling and Health Center
    • (1) Support Section for Inclusion
    • (2) Health Center
    • (3) Student Counseling Office
    • (4) Student Support Coordinator Office
  • 2. Undergraduate school / graduate school student advisor
  • 3. Student affairs / personnel affairs section of your department
  • 4. General affairs section in the relevant department of the Administration Bureau
  • 5. University Hospital Patient Advice and Support Office

〇Surveys regarding support for faculty and administrative staff with disabilities

A questionnaire survey and hearing survey are conducted among faculty and administrative staff with disabilities. The purpose is to see the level of their understanding regarding the support they can receive and to see if there are any obstacles.

Items on the questionnaire survey are as follows: Check any obstacles in each work situation wherein reasonable accommodation may be expected. Check if any consultation was made to off-campus support organizations. Make an objective assessment of work hours or duration of consecutive years of employment. Make a subjective assessment of their sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Check whether more consideration is needed or reasonable accommodation is desired. Based on the results of this survey, a hearing survey is conducted among those who are unaware or who lack understanding of the support system and among those who have a stable work environment.