Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

The Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Projects (KAKENHI) is a “competitive research fund” that aims to promote creative and pioneering research across a wide spectrum of scientific fields, ranging from the humanities and social sciences to the natural sciences. These grants are awarded following peer review (*1), with the objective of achieving dramatic advances in a range of “academic research” (research based on innovative thinking by researchers), from basic to applied research.

(*1) Peer review: Evaluation of academic significance by researchers in similar research fields. More than 8,000 researchers take part in document reviews, panel reviews and hearings.

The KAKENHI features a range of research categories that have been set on the basis of various phases and levels of research, in order to facilitate application and review. These include the “Grant-in Aid for Early-Career Scientists”, to assist young researchers in becoming self-reliant; and the “Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas” and “Grant-in-Aid for Challenging Research”, to support challenging research, the innovation of systems and their direction as well as the shifting of academic fields.

*Application schedule(*2)
From AY 2022, the application period and the initial selection have been starting earlier. Starting every April, The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as well as The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, announce the “application outline” for the next academic year KAKENHI and the application process starts sequentially.
The application process is done by using the KAKENHI electronic application system.
(*2) Depending on research categories the schedule is different. Application outline shows more details.
[Reference] Schedule for KAKENHI major categories (plan)
・Specially Promoted Research, Transformative Research Areas (A/B), and Scientific Research (S)
Calling for proposals starts from mid-April to mid-June. After early January, results are notified sequentially.
・Scientific Research (A, B, C), Grant-in Aid for Early-Career Scientists, Grant-in Aid for Challenging Research
Calling for proposals starts from mid-July to mid-September. After the end of February the following year, results are notified sequentially.

* More details about the application for KAKENHI can be found at this website (*3)
[JSPS KAKENHI Electronic Application System]

(*3) Applicants are required to access a system login ID and password before they can make an application.
 Please inquire through the administrative section for KAKENHI of your department.

*Switch to the Multi-year Fund
In FY 2011, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science established a multi-year fund so that researchers may spend research funds without being restricted by fiscal years.
For research categories covered by the fund, research budgets are secured for the entire research period, which may last for multiple fiscal years. As a result of this change, it’s possible to carry out research expenditures more flexibly without being constrained by accounting periods. For example, researchers can bring forward research expenditure or use the funds in the following fiscal year, according to the progress of their research.