Management and Evaluation

The Office of Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research (IR Office) was established in April 2008 through reorganizing the former University Evaluation and Information Office to support the decision-making process of Kyushu University by researching, collecting, analyzing and providing information, which is the basis for university management. [Institutional Research (IR) means supporting the decision-making process of the University with data.]

The mission of the IR Office is to advance and strengthen the functions of the university. For the President and the Executive Office, which has the duty of planning and formulating problem-solving measures, the IR Office is to accurately identify the strengths and weaknesses of the university through the collection, organization, and analysis of IR information from both inside and outside the university, and to provide support for evidence-based reform and improvement.

○IR Office Official Website

The IR data which the University holds are available to each stakeholder – executives, the faculty, administration staff and the public. FACT BOOK and manuals related to the IR system are available for you to understand the current situation of the University as well as to use for your operation.

○IR data list

To provide the President and the Executive Committee with data and analysis results quickly and efficiently, all sorts of IR information scattered throughout the university is collected and carefully examined and added to the IR Data List at the IR data management departments and data definitions are created. This list allows you to find which department holds what kind of data and for what period of time, so please use it effectively in your various operations.
<The items are available to faculty and administrative staff only on the IR Office website (see below).>


The open data collected by the IR Office is displayed using graphs and other means of comparison over time. The purpose of this is to understand the current situation of the University and to use it for innovation, improvement and future planning. Since 2022, adjustment was made to the format and printed edition of the “FACT BOOK – KPI digest version” which has been issued as an excerpted version containing only particularly important KPI. The usual FACT BOOK which has all the information is available on the IR Office website as “PDF version” and “Interactive version”. On the “Interactive version” which has been issued since 2019, you can choose the information you wish to get and graphs can be changed according to your needs.
<The items available to the public on the IR Office website (see below).>

○Research analysis tool, SciVal and researcher profiling tool, Pure

To enhance the university's international competitiveness and strengthen its research functions, the IR Office has introduced SciVal and Pure to grasp the trends in research fields and research capabilities of researchers in and outside Japan, visualize them, and disseminate the research results.​​