Duties and Ethics, etc.


Staff members may be subject to disciplinary procedures if any of the following apply to them.

  • (1) The staff member infringes any of the rules relating to his/her employment, or any of the other rules to which he/she is subject
  • (2) The staff member neglects his/her responsibilities
  • (3) The staff member causes damages to the University, either deliberately, or to a serious extent
  • (4) The staff member neglects his/her post through lateness, leaving early, or absence, without a justifiable reason
  • (5) The staff member engages in a serious criminal offence according to criminal law
  • (6) The staff member falsifies his/her resume to a serious degree
  • (7) The staff member damages the reputation of the University, causing it to lose trust within society
  • (8) Any other conduct that is deemed incompatible, but not described above.

Disciplinary measures will be implemented in the categories shown below.

◇Disciplinary dismissal: Immediate dismissal, with all or part of retirement benefits withdrawn
◇Warning of dismissal: Warning of the submission of a dismissal request. Staff member subject to disciplinary dismissal if their behavior is not rectified
◇Suspension: Required to submit letter of apology. Furthermore, staff member is suspended for between one day and six months, and may not engage in his/her job. During this time he/she will not be paid.
◇Reduction in salary: Required to submit letter of apology. Salary is proportionally reduced
◇Warning: Required to submit letter of apology. Verbal warning of disciplinary measures is given.

*Staff members who are not subject to disciplinary measures may still be required to rectify their conduct and maintain adherence to rules and regulations. Such staff members may be given an admonishment or serious caution in writing.