Large-scale Projects

Kyushu University Fund

The Kyushu University Fund was established in 2011 to support the university's education, research, and medical services, and to improve and enhance the university's environment with the aim of building a center for "pioneering a new century of knowledge" as a global academic leader in the knowledge that humanity desires through the promotion of high-quality higher education that is supported by the world and research activities and truly contributes to humanity and society and the exploration, creation, and development of better knowledge.

○Kyushu University Funding Business

-Nurturing leaders who will forge new paths for the future-

The fund offers the following grants to provide an environment in which students and researchers can dedicate themselves to education, research, or medical care with peace of mind, and to cultivate leaders with abundant creativity and judgment underpinned by profound expertise and a broad educational background, who will play an active role on the global stage.

*Student Support Grants

A total of 100 million yen in annual support and subsidy programs are provided to the university' s students. These include the Yamakawa Prize, which provides scholarships to particularly outstanding undergraduate students in order to nurture the next generation of young people, and the Kyushu University Scholarship, which supports the study of students with excellent academic records who are experiencing financial difficulties.

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*Female Researcher Grant

Sanae-I. Itoh Awards for Outstanding Female Researchers at Kyushu University

Young female researchers and female graduate students who have achieved outstanding academic results are awarded and given a research grant as a supplementary prize.

*Alumni Support Grants

Expenses arising from support for activities in partnership with alumni and the Alumni Association, etc.
The fund provides support for expenses arising from endeavors to forge close networks with alumni and revitalize Alumni Association activities.


*Projects for specific purposes

Donations for specific projects are collected and used for various projects such as the training and financial support of young researchers, the value-creating semiconductor specialists development project, conservation and practical use of modern architecture, and repair of the Hakozaki Satellite former faculty of Engineering main building support project.

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○Donations to the Kyushu University Fund

-For the young people who will shape the future-

Adequate funds are required in order to enhance the education, research, and medical care environment and continue to produce outstanding personnel. With support from a variety of sources, including staff and faculty members, alumni, and companies, the university secures its fiscal base and expands businesses.

*Kyushu University Fund Introduction Video

The video introducing the Kyushu University Fund is now available.

Please take a look at the video, which introduces the various projects implemented using your donations, along with the voices of the students who received the support. Click here for the video.

*Types of donations

The Kyushu University Fund accepts the university-entrusted fund, Kyushu university students support fund (general donations) to support students, faculty, and staff, as well as specific donations to be used for specific projects.

University-entrusted funds

We use this fund to further enhance education and research, for activities with local community and for expenses to properly manage the donations.

Kyushu university students support fund (general donations)

They are used for subsidy programs mainly for students, such as the Yamakawa Prize, and supports for overseas study and extracurricular activities.

Specified donations

This donation is used for specific projects. Here are the projects currently being carried out.

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*Method of donation

1.Sum donated
We welcome all donations, no matter how large or small. However, due to the administrative procedures involved, we request that one-off donations be at least ¥1,000 (at least ¥2,000 per year in the case of Kyushu University Affiliates providing ongoing support).

2.Method of donation
Donations can be made using the following methods. Leaflets and bank transfer forms are available from the Alumni and Fund Administration Division, General Affairs Department. Click here for details.

(1)Credit card donation

(2)Donation via a designated financial institution

(3)Donation from an ATM or via internet banking

(4)Donation by bequest

(5) Real estate, stock, and other donations

The University will send donors a donation receipt upon receipt of the donation. Those making an ongoing donation by credit card will be issued with a receipt for their donations over the course of the previous year in January. The receipt will be required when filing a tax return and completing other procedures, so please keep it in a safe place. Receipts cannot be reissued, but it is possible to issue a "Certificate of Donation Receipt" in lieu of a receipt.

​4. Preferential tax measures
Donations to the Kyushu University Fund (Kyushu University National University Corporation) have been designated by the Minister of Finance as specified donations eligible for contribution deductions under the Income Tax Act.

In addition, some local governments designate donations to universities as tax deductible. If you reside in such a municipality as of January 1 of the year following your donation, you may be able to receive a tax deduction on your personal residence tax. Donations to the Kyushu University are deductible in Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka City, and Itoshima City. If you live outside these areas, please inquire with the division in charge of tax administration at your local prefectural/municipal government office.

In order to secure the deduction, you must keep the Donation Receipt and file a tax return with the competent tax office.


1. Kyudai Members
This is an award system for those who make continuous donations of 2,000 yen or more per year or a single donation of 10,000 yen or more. Anyone who meets the requirements can become a member.
After making a donation, a "Kyudai Membership Card" will be issued.

By presenting the card, you can enjoy a number of privileges such as use of on-campus facilities, discount privileges, and discounts at hotels and restaurants.

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2. Disclosure of donors, installation of nameplates, and placement of names of donors at facilities

Donors' names and other information will be posted on the Kyushu University Fund website and publications, and donors' names and other information will be attached to nameplates in accordance with the cumulative amount of donations. Furthermore, their names can be used in the naming of funds for the purpose of improving the University's existing buildings and educational and research environment.(Except for those who do not wish to have their names revealed.)

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*Other initiatives

Various activities are being carried out such as preparing Kyushu University Fund Activity Reports, conducting Kyushu University Fund Seminars, and opening an official SNS.Further information on future activities will be posted on the Kyushu University Fund website from time to time.