Degrees: Rigorous degree screening and hotline for reporting concerns

○Degrees (doctorates)

The University can award the following degrees: Doctorates, Masters, Professional Degrees and Undergraduate Degrees.

Of these, the Doctoral degree is the highest level of academic qualification awarded in Japan, and is only awarded to those completing the second half of a doctoral program in our graduate schools, or submitting a thesis to the graduate school, which indicates that he/she has abilities commensurate with becoming a doctor. The former are referred to as “taught course doctorates,” while the latter are known as “research doctorates.” In either case, the candidate must submit a thesis for consideration by the graduate school to demonstrate that they are worthy of receiving such a degree. The degree is awarded by the University President.

○Ensuring that degree consideration processes are fair and accurate

*Background, and measures taken at Kyushu University

In recent years, the internationalization of higher education has placed demands for organizational strengthening on graduate school education, as well as for the awarding of degrees that are internationally recognizable and trusted. In line with improprieties identified in other universities regarding the consideration and awarding of degrees, Kyushu University is committed to the establishment and thorough maintenance of a fair and accurate consideration system for degrees.

The University requires all university faculty members related to the consideration of degrees to be thoroughly impartial in their attitude to the task, and also to ensure (1) the implementation of open presentations of doctoral theses (2) the requirement for written agreements between joint researchers and (3) the establishment of a point of contact for reporting/consultation, in order to maintain transparency and objectivity during the degree consideration process.

*Notification contact

Hotline for reports concerning degree screening is established within the University, in order to maintain transparency and objectivity in considerations, and ensure the fair and accurate consideration of degrees awarded by the University.

Any report or consultation regarding improprieties relating to the degree consideration process should be made to the following office.