Management and Evaluation

Promoting Organization for Future Creators

Education Innovation Initiative - an education management organization to improve the quality of education - was reorganized as the Promoting Organization for Future Creators and established in April 2023.
Universities are expected to strengthen their ability to produce internationally recognized excellent young researchers centered around those with PhDs. To produce world class young researchers and enhance doctoral education, previous education for master’s degree, undergraduate degree and high school, leading up to doctoral programs are all important. Based on this, the institution utilizes the experience and organizational structure of the Education Innovation Initiative that has been leading the educational reform of the University. We consider that the whole process of education starts before admission to doctoral programs, and this institution was established as a new organization which promotes educational innovation centered around doctoral programs and the improvement of the quality of education.

This organization, led by the director-general, coordinates and collaborates with various departments, including the Education Innovation Planning Office, the Evaluation and Improvement Support Department, the Doctoral Program Innovation and Research Career Development Department, the Undergraduate and Master’s Program Innovation Department, the Connect High School and University Innovation Department, and the University-Industry Collaboration Education Department. Together, they aim to implement comprehensive and ongoing reform in education, considering the opinions of various stakeholders involved in university education from high school education to bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs. The goal is to cultivate and produce doctoral talents that society demands, swiftly and continuously.