Research subsidies

Research subsidies are provided by private-sector foundations, which have their own areas of interest and establish the targets and scope of their subsidized research, as well as the value of their subsidies, and recruit research projects.

Researchers should check the content and focus of each research project in the information provided regarding application, and submit applications themselves, applying only for research projects in line with the subsidy guidelines.

Foundations recruiting academic projects implement their considerations based on the applications (application documents) sent in by applicants, set against the selection criteria for the individual foundation, before deciding on projects to support.

If any of the following conditions apply to the research grant in question, it must be donated to the university for expenditure management

  • 1.Grants to encourage the education and research activities carried out by the staff member in question in the course of their normal duties.
  • 2.Grants in which the staff member in question will use the university's facilities or equipment for research activities conducted in a private capacity.