Industry/Academia Partnerships

Applying for the use of the University’s name


“The use of the University’s name” refers to the contractual use of the name of Kyushu University in joint research conducted by faculty members along with corporations. It also includes using the name of the University in products which used the results of funded research, technical advice as well as research development consulting.

“Application for the use of the name of Kyushu University” needs to be submitted by corporations, and after confirming relevant faculty members and examining the application, a decision will be made.

【Basic ideas】
  • ・It has to show the fact that it is the result of joint research with the University.
  • ・It should not give the wrong idea due to exaggerations about the product information or factually incorrect displays.
  • ・It has to make a clear distinction between the University and manufacturer and seller of the product so that the University is not responsible for the product according to the Product Liability Act. In general, it cannot be displayed on the product itself.
  • ・Pictures of the facilities of the University or faculty and administrative staff, images or logo cannot be used.