Payment method for facilities utilization and student fees to the University

A range of payments may be made to the University for contract research, joint research, facilities utilization, etc. Payments to the University should, in principle, be done by bank transfer. The University will issue an invoice, for which payment should be made by the date shown.(The due date for payment and the account for transfer will be shown on the invoice).

Payment of small invoices can be made at the following locations around the University.

○Payment locations

CampusWhere to PayOpening hours (Weekdays)
Ito CampusRevenue Section, Accounting Division, Finance Department(*4)9:00-17:00
Administrative Office (University Libraries) User Service Division (Central Library)(*1)9:00-17:00
Administrative Office (University Libraries) User Service Division Science and Technology Reference Service Section (Science and Technology Library)(*1)9:00-17:00
Ito Clinic (*3)10:00-17:00
(Except 13:00-14:00)
Maidashi CampusAdministrative Office (Medical Sciences, Dental Science and Pharmaceutical Sciences) Financial Affairs Division Accounting Section 2 (*2)9:00-17:00
Administration Department (University Hospital) Patient Service Division (*3)8:30-18:00
Administrative Office (University Libraries) Medical Library Document Delivery Service Section9:00-17:00
Ohashi CampusDesign Administrative Office General Affairs Division9:00-16:30
(Except 12:00-13:00)
Chikushi CampusAdministrative Office (Chikushi Campus) Accounting Division Accounting Section10:00-15:00
Beppu CampusAdministration Department (University Hospital) Beppu Hospital Administration Department Patient Service Section8:30-17:00
University ForestOffice for each University Forest (University Forests)8:30-17:15
  • ※ (*1) is only for payment of document copy fees at each library.
  • ※ Payment for pathological examination at the medical school is only at (*2)
  • ※ (*3) is only for payment of medical consultation fees.
  • ※ (*4) Cashless payments are available.
  • ※ Reception hours may change due do circumstances.

○Methods of payment for student fees

Student fees are, in principle, not accepted over the counter at the University. This policy is to prevent risks to students (from loss, theft, mugging, etc.)

▶Examination fees

Undergraduate degree students should select one of the following payment methods when submitting their application online and make payment using the relevant method: payment at a convenience store or by Pay-easy, online banking, or credit card.
Postgraduate and transferring undergraduate degree students may pay by bank transfer using the transfer form sent with the application forms, pay at a convenience store, by credit card and other forms of electronic payments.

▶ Admission fee

The admission fee must be paid by bank transfer, using the transfer form sent with the entry paperwork.
International students resident overseas may pay by credit card.

▶ Tuition fees

To be paid by direct debit. The debit date is the 27th of May (first semester) and November (second semester) (In cases where this date is a bank holiday, the debit will be taken on the next working day). These dates are fixed each year. Debits will be taken from any student who has applied for exemption or extension in payment of tuition fees according to the schedule with the evaluation results.
Details of fees and debit dates are available at all times on the Kyushu University website ( or search “Tuition Fee Payment”) and the student portal system.

▶Payment of partial fees (researchers, etc.)

The Student Affairs section of the department a student is attending will provide payment deadlines and details of bank transfers.

  • Examination fees: Bank transfer, credit card payments on the website, payment at a convenience store and other forms of electronic payments.
  • Admission fees: Bank transfer, credit card payments for international students residing overseas.
  • Tuition fees: Bank transfer, payment at a convenience store using the designated transfer slip.