Safety Management in Education and Research Activities

In recent years, education and research at educational institutions including universities have become more advanced and diversified, and a variety of experiential learning environments are being provided in these institutions. Experiential education and research activities, such as experiments, practical training, exercises, and surveys, provide valuable educational results that cannot be obtained through desk-based learning alone. On the other hand, such activities involve risks that can lead to serious accidents due to insufficient preparation in advance or lack of experience of the participants. It is necessary to pay close attention to safety management and accident prevention and response. Based on these considerations, the University has classified experiential education and research activities into three categories: "outdoor activities," "off-campus activities," and "laboratory activities," and has established individual guidelines for safety, health management, and accident prevention and response. The University has prepared the "Guidelines for Safety in Education: Outdoor Activities," "Off-Campus Activities," and "Laboratory Activities" since FY 2008.