Community Relations・Alumni Association

Alumni Association

〇Kyushu University Alumni Association

*Federation of Alumni Associations of Kyushu University

It was established in March 1999 aiming to promote interaction among Kyushu University alumni, to promote friendship and to have close contact with Kyushu University by promoting nationwide interactions and cooperation between alumni of departments or in the community.

【Department Alumni Association】
  • ・School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation Alumni Association
  • ・School of Letters Alumni Association
  • ・School of Education Alumni Association
  • ・School of Law Alumni Association
  • ・School of Economics Alumni Association
  • ・School of Science Alumni Association
  • ・School of Medicine Alumni Association
  • ・School of Dentistry Alumni Association
  • ・School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Alumni Association
  • ・School of Engineering Alumni Association
  • ・Kyushu University School of Design and Kyushu Institute of Design Alumni Association
  • ・School of Agriculture Alumni Association
  • ・Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Global Society Alumni Association
  • ・Graduate School of Human-Environment Studies Alumni Association
  • ・Graduate School of Mathematics Alumni Association
  • ・Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering Alumni Association
  • ・Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences Alumni Association
  • ・School of Medicine Department of Health Sciences Alumni Association (not affiliated to the Federation)
【Region-specific alumni associations】
  • ・Zaisen Kyudaikai
  • ・Tsukuba Hakumeikai
  • ・Kyushu University Tokyo Alumni Association
  • ・Tokai Kyudaikai
  • ・Kyushu University Kansai Alumni Association
  • ・Bocho Kyuyukai
  • ・Kyushu University Ehime Alumni Association
  • ・Kyushu University Fukuoka Alumni Association
  • ・Kyushu University Karatsu Area Alumni Association
  • ・Chikugo District Kyushu University Alumni Association
  • ・Ariake Kyudaikai
  • ・Kyushu University Oita Alumni Association
  • ・Kyushu University Kumamoto Alumni Association
  • ・Association of Kyushu University Alumni Resident in Miyazaki Prefecture
  • ・Himuka Matsubarakai
  • ・Kyushu University Kagoshima Alumni Association
  • ・Okinawa Prefecture Kyushu University Alumni Association
【Other international Alumni Association, etc】
  • ・Kyushu University Alumni Association in Korea
  • ・Beijing Hakozakikai
  • ・Kyushu University Alumni Association in China
  • ・Kyushu University Chinese Alumni Association
  • ・Kyushu University Taiwan Alumni Association
  • ・Students’ dormitory Alumni Association
  • ・”Matsu no mi-kai” Female Alumni Association
*Registration system for overseas alumni

Registration system for overseas alumni has been implemented since February 2020 with the purpose of strengthening the network between Kyushu University and international students who returned to their countries as well as among these alumni.

【Registered Alumni Association】
  • ・Thailand Alumni Association
  • ・Vietnam Alumni Association
  • ・Egypt Alumni Association
  • ・Bangladesh Alumni Association
  • ・Malaysia Alumni Association

Among the activities which Kyushu University and Alumni Association cooperate on are job and career support, University events and others as shown below. Please make use of this information for education and research activities including the guidance of students.

○Job and Career Support Project

Kyushu University Tokyo Alumni Association cosponsored by Kyushu University, holds interviews for employment, job seminars (twice a year) and career counselling at the Tokyo office.

* During the COVID-19 pandemic, these can be adjusted to online sessions or smaller-scale operations.

○Academic Festival

Kyushu University used to hold the “Homecoming Day” for the Kyushu University alumni to meet their old friends and mentors. This event has changed to the “Academic Festival & Homecoming” since AY 2016, for supporters of Kyushu University to get together. It is a great opportunity to interact with alumni, high school students and people in the community to increase the support for Kyushu University, so please actively participate in the event.

*In AY 2022, it was held in person for the first time in three years. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event may be cancelled or be held in a different manner.

○Website of the Kyushu University Koyukai (tentative name) Association of Alumni and Staff

In order to strengthen partnerships with groups organized by alumni, staff and faculty members, etc. (Koyu [Friends of the University] Groups), Kyushu University offers an area on the University website that such groups can use free of charge.

○Lifelong email service

In order to promote partnership and cooperation between alumni (including current and dropped out students), faculty and administrative staff (including retired ones), and Kyushu University Affiliates, as well as to promote a sense of attachment to the University, we issue anyone who requests one, a lifelong address they can use ( We deliver the current information about Kyushu University to these email addresses using our email magazine (once a week or so), and have been offering a mail forwarding service since 2005. You can apply for a permanent email address to forward emails free of charge at the website below.

Replace ★ with @ in email addresses.