Acceptance of donations

〇Process of accepting donations

When donations are offered to a faculty member or a research department to promote education and research activities, please submit the donation application received by the donor to the donation section of your department. The Dean will decide on acceptance and will report his decision to the President and the faculty council.

After the decision is made, the donor will be informed that the donation will be accepted and will receive a transfer request so that the donation can be made. After the transfer is confirmed, a letter of appreciation and receipt will be sent.

Donations can be used after the transfer is confirmed.

〇Appropriate handling of “Accounting of donations toward individuals such as a faculty member”

Even when an individual applies and receives a research grant from a grant organization, the donation needs to be accounted for properly by Kyushu University. This means the donation is intended to promote education and research activities in line with the individual’s work and is to be used within the facilities and with the equipment of the University. Fill out the donation application and please donate to Kyushu University.

〇Regarding Overhead

Kyushu University has established a Kyushu University-wide Collaborative Fund so that business runs smoothly and promotes education and research university-wide. In principle, the equivalent of 5 % of donations toward the University is set aside for the Collaborative Fund. (Exception is made for donations made by a grant organization for grant purposes and limited to a specific use and of an amount 100,000 yen or less.)

Certain rules are set in each department as well. Please inquire with the donation section of your department for more details.