Payments by students

The amount paid, payment dates, reminders etc. sent to students are all defined by regulations, and students are required to pay their fees based on these regulations. Students who do not pay their admission fees or tuition fees even after three reminders (other than those who have applied for exemption) will be expelled.

○Tuition fees

*Tuition fees/payment period, etc.

Tuition fees are paid in two installments, in the first and second semesters, at the following charges (payment deadline: 31st May in first semester, 30th November in second).

Category Cost (semester) Cost (whole year)
Undergraduate schools / graduate schools 267,900 yen 535,800 yen
Professional Graduate School 402,000 yen 804,000 yen
Scope of reminder Month issued Target
Students who have not paid by June/December July / January Student
Students who have not paid by July/January August / February Student’s parent or guardian
Students who have not paid by August/February September / March Notification of expulsion sent to Deans
*Payment of tuition fees during leave of absence or exclusion
  • A: Permission to take a leave of absence applied before the beginning of a semester
    If permission is given to take a leave of absence based on the application before the beginning of a semester, fees will be liable on a monthly basis
  • B: Dropping out and permission to complete early or take a leave of absence once payment due date has passed
    Tuition fees due for the period in question must be paid in full.

Note: If a student requests a leave of absence, to leave the University or be allowed to complete his/her course at an early date, please make sure you check the status of their payment of tuition fees with the Student Section of your department. Care must be taken, since unpaid tuition fees and admission fees have an impact on the student’s registration. Tuition fees cannot be refunded once paid.

○Other charges to students

*Examination fees/admission fees
Category Admission fee Examination fees
Undergraduate schools 282,000 yen 17,000 yen
Graduate schools / Professional Graduate School 282,000 yen 30,000 yen
Change, transfer or reentry of undergraduate school, transfer to graduate school or Professional Graduate School, or transfer to graduate school initiating a doctoral course 30,000 yen
▶Degree thesis marking fee
Degree thesis marking fee
57,000 yen per paper
▶Entry and examination fees for credited auditors
Category Admission fee Examination fees
Credited auditor / non-credited auditor 28,200 yen 9,800 yen
Academic student / research student / student of Japanese / student of Japanese and Japanese culture 84,600 yen 9,800 yen
Special auditor / special research student

Note: International students require a University entry permit in order to obtain a visa, but they will not be granted entry to the University unless they pay admission fees.

▶Tuition fees and payment deadlines for credited auditors
Category Tuition fees Deadline for payment, etc.
Credited auditor / non-credited auditor 14,800 yen per unit Payment required before permission to audit/participate granted
Special auditor 14,800 yen per unit Payment required before permission to audit/participate granted. (May not be collected from students on credit exchange from another institution, subject to approval by the President).
Academic student 29,700 yen monthly Payment must be received within 20 days of entering the University, in two semester parts (first and second semester, at the value of the number of months in each).Subsequently, payments must be made at the beginning of each semester (April or October) by the 20th of the month in question.(If the student is to be in residence for less than six months, he/she must pay the cost of the period he/she will be at the University, in a single payment)
Research student 29,700 yen monthly
Special research student 29,700 yen monthly
Student of Japanese
student of Japanese and Japanese culture
29,700 yen monthly