Industry/Academia Partnerships

Systems for joint research, etc.

At Kyushu University, we believe our third mission, after education and research, is to make a proactive contribution to society. As part of this, the University engages in various systems to promote joint research, funded research, research development consulting, and industry/academia partnerships.

○Joint research

Researchers from the University partner with researchers attached to private-sector corporations to work together on joint research issues. The flow of projects such as this is as shown in Fig.1.

○Funded research

Research commissioned to the University by the state or by private companies. The costs of such funded research are borne by the party commissioning it. The flow of projects such as this is as shown in Fig.1.

○Research development consulting

The University is commissioned by external parties to offer training and advice based on the education, research and technical specialist abilities of our staff, in order to support the activities and business of the commissioning party. The costs associated with research development consulting are borne by the commissioning party. (The flow of this project is as shown in Fig. 2.)

[Fig.1] Funded Research Acceptance Process

* Should you wish to inquire about funded research involving researchers from private sector organizations and this university, please feel free to contact the Industrial Collaboration Promotion Division of the Administration Bureau’s Research and Industrial Collaboration Promotion Department and the department dealing with research support at the school, institute or faculty to which the researcher is affiliated.

【Fig. 2】The Flow of Research development consulting

* The process of research development consulting is to be done with fixed-terms and conditions (Fixed-phrase with no modification or negotiation) not as a contract. No change is to be made in the contents of the terms and conditions (including changing part of it).