Kyushu University Reseatch Charter

Article 1 (The Purpose of This Charter)

Kyushu University proclaims this Charter of Research in order to promote research activities that will contribute, as the foundation of the pursuit, creation and development of better knowledge, to mankind and society.

Article 2 (The Role of Research)

  • ⑴ As the highest seat of learning, Kyushu University, with sincere respect for the long tradition of the pursuit of truth by mankind and for the human wisdom realized therein, shall carry out its mission of handing down this basic attitude to future generations.
  • ⑵ Kyushu University shall also recognize its role as an institution of producing the most progressive and world-renowned knowledge by developing perspectives from the basic researches in the various fields of culture and science.

Article 3 (The Idea of Research and Its Ethical Character)

  • (1) While respecting tradition and the pursuit of wisdom therein, Kyushu University shall endeavour to deepen and develop knowledge that will meet the needs of contemporary society.
  • ⑵ Kyushu University shall ascribe the highest value to creative and original research and pay the utmost respect to academic freedom and the autonomy of researchers.
  • ⑶ Kyushu University shall endeavour to establish harmony between the pursuits of human wisdom and scientific knowledge while pursuing practical values in various academic fields.
  • ⑷ While paying constant attention to the possible influences of science on the natural environment and the survival of human beings, Kyushu University shall endeavour, according to its conscience and good sense, to promote research activities that respect human life and human dignity.

Article 4 (The Social and International Contribution of Research)

  • ⑴ While maintaining the spirit of the pursuit of truth that embodies the idea of a university, Kyushu University shall contribute to achieving human welfare, the development of culture and the peace of the world through its research activities.
  • ⑵ Research in Kyushu University shall not only make best efforts to fulfill multiple social needs in order to achieve universality and utility but also aim to contribute to both the local community and the region within which Kyushu University is located.
  • ⑶ As an institution open to the public, Kyushu University shall freely disclose its research results. It shall endeavour to establish an international foothold promoting exchange programs of researchers and linkage with other institutions and enterprises as well as actively dispatching information to the world.

Article 5 (Cooperation between Education and Research)

With regard to the university role of education and of nurturing and producing persons of international capabilities, Kyushu University shall endeavour, based upon the harmonious cooperation of functions between education and research, to bring up persons to whom we can entrust our future.

Article 6 (The Principle of Unity)

Kyushu University shall adopt a united approach in pursuit of the above purpose and principles. In order to achieve this, all staff members and students shall cooperate and unite together. They shall be well aware of their roles and functions and make every effort to perform their responsibilities.