Management and Evaluation

The Co-Creation and Collaboration System for Future Vision


The co-creation and collaboration system for our future vision is designed to strengthen the functions of the University and its departments through dialogue between the university executives and the departmental executives to co-create the vision, settle mid-term goals and realize the vision, and ensure its implementation.

○How the system works

  • (1) Implementation methods and timing

    Mid-term goals and plans for the six fiscal years
    1st to 4th year: Follow-up
    Exchanging opinions on the status of efforts to realize the vision set forth in the mid-term goals and plans of the departments, the status of responses to major university-wide policies, current issues, and organizational review based on the vision.

    5th year: Consideration of issues of the next mid-term goals.
    ​Exchange of opinions on important issues to be addressed in the next mid-term goals and plans to realize the vision of the departments, based on the status of efforts during the current fiscal year, and policies for addressing these issues.

    6th year: Drafting of the next mid-term goals
    ​Exchange of opinions on the draft of the next mid-term goals set by the departments based on the university's draft and the results of the detailed examination in the 5th year.​

  • (2) Objective department
    • (1)Departments that are required to set mid-term goals and plans (in principle, annual exchange of opinions is required)
      Undergraduate schools, Graduate Schools, Faculty, Faculty of Arts and Science, Collaborative Research Centers, International Institutes, Hospital, Research and Education Organization, Information Infrastructure Initiative, Academic Research and Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Promotion Headquarters, Promoting Organization for Future Creators.
    • (2)Departments that are required to formulate mid-term goals plans, other than those in (1) above (exchange of opinions as necessary)
      Institute for Advanced Study, The University Library.
    • (3) Departments for which setting mid-term goals and plans is optional, and for which full-time faculty members* are assigned.
      Centers for Common Education and Research, etc.
      *Full-time faculty members based on the department points, university-wide administration staff, and faculty members and such who have taken measures under the University Reform and Revitalization System