Management and Evaluation

University Committees

The National University Corporation Act requires the establishment of the The Board of Trustees, the Management Council, the Education and Research Council, and the Presidential Selection and Supervisory Committee as bodies to deliberate on important matters concerning the management and operation of national university corporations.

The following are the major committees currently in operation.

(1)Board of Trustees

  • The National University Corporation regulates that the President must refer to the Board of Trustees when making decisions regarding any of the following issues.
    • (1)Opinions relating to medium-term objectives and annual planning
    • (2)Issues requiring the approval or permission of the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
    • (3)Issues relating to the creation or execution of, or accounting for, budgets
    • (4)Issues relating to the establishment or abolition of important organizations
    • (5)Important issues stipulated by the Board of Trustees
  • ○Composition: President, Executive Vice-Presidents

(2)Management Council

  • ○Considers important issues relating to the management of the University, based on the National University Corporation Act
  • ○Composition: President, Executive Vice-Presidents (5), Hospital Director, Deans (6), External professionals (at least14)

(3)Education and Research Council

  • ○Considers important issues related to education and research, based on the National University Corporation Act
  • ○Members: President, Directors, Vice-Presidents, Directors of Faculty, Directors of Undergraduate schools, Director of Faculty of Arts and Science, Director of Institute for Advanced Study, Directors of Research Institutes, Director of Kyushu University Hospital, Director of the Kyushu University Library, Director of the Research Institute of Information Technology, Chairs of Center Group Councils, etc.

(4)Presidential Selection and Supervisory Committee

  • ○Considers the selection and dismissal of the President, necessity for placing an Executive Director, and conducts a performance evaluation of the President based on the National University Corporation Act.
  • ○Composition: Seven external members of the Management Council, seven members of the Education and Research Council

(5)Roundtable Meeting of Officers and Executive Committee

  • ○Exchanging opinions among the members on various issues related to the organization and management of Kyushu University.
  • ○Members: President, Executive Vice President, Auditor, Director of Kyushu University Hospital ( Senior Vice President and Vice President will participate in the Executive Committee Meeting in addition to those listed on the left.)

(6)Roundtable Meeting of Board Members and Directors of Departments

  • ○Facilitates information and opinion exchange relating to the organization and operation of Kyushu University between trustees and deans.
  • ○Composition: President, Executive Vice-Presidents, Auditors, Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, Deans