Duties and Ethics, etc.

Information ethics


The Rules on Information Ethics have been put in place to facilitate the safe, proper, unimpeded use of the information assets of Kyushu University, and enhance the education, research, and management of the University.

○Rules on Information Ethics

The following conduct is expressly prohibited under the Rules on Information Ethics:

  • ・Making a false application for use.
  • ・Sharing your SSO-KID or other ID granted to you as a user of the information system, your IP address and/or your e-mail address (hereinafter referred to as ""ID, etc."") with another person without permission from a system manager.
  • ・Transferring or lending your ID, etc. to another person.
  • ・Decoding the information system and/or deciphering another person's password.
  • ・Publishing confidential information without the permission of the manager thereof.
  • ・Reading, intercepting, or falsifying another person's information.
  • ・Attacking or invading the information system.
  • ・Accessing a file without permission from the user.
  • ・Transmitting information that deceives others, information that constitutes an invasion of privacy, false information, information contrary to public order or morality, or information of a discriminatory or defamatory nature.
  • ・Private use for commercial gain.
  • ・Damaging or disrupting information assets.
  • ・Deleting, copying, or modifying files or data held by another user, without their prior consent.
  • ・Other conduct deemed inappropriate by the Information Policy Committee.

○Remarks posted on internet message boards, etc.

Please think before posting inappropriate or extreme remarks on social networks such as X (formerly: Twitter) or Facebook, or on other message boards. There have been cases in which, under the cover of anonymity, a person has made remarks that they would not ordinarily have made in public, resulting in a backlash directed toward the University, or private matters relating to the person concerned being disclosed to the general public.