Publication of research results

“Kyushu University Open Access Policy (Decided by the Education and Research Council in January 2016 and beginning operation in January 2017)” states, “Research results which use public research funding given to faculty members are published by the Kyushu University Academic Information Repository”.

There are two ways to make papers available to the public. One is to post in journals (gold open access) and the second is to self-archive in the Institutional Repository (green open access).

At the University, self-archiving is available through the “Kyushu University Academic Information Repository (QIR)”.

Website of the University Library > Kyudai Collection > Repository (QIR)

○Registration on the Kyushu University Institutional Repository (QIR)

[People who may register]
  • ・Staff or graduate students who are, or have in the past been, members of the University
[Materials that may be registered]
  • ・Theses in academic journals, dissertations, bulletin theses, theses presented at conferences, technical reports, research reports, etc.
[Registration method]
  • 1. Registering from your Library account
    Website of the University Library > Log in > Repository registration (QIR)
  • 2. Requesting registration to the Library
    Send the material you wish to register to the Digital Repository Section of the University Library

    By email Attach an electronic file
          To: qir★

    Email:Send hard copies or electronic media
          To: On-campus postal code IW1
  • 3. Register via the Faculty Activity Progress and Reporting System (Q-RADeRS)
    When reporting research results, upload electronic files together
    (The file should be the author’s final draft if the paper was posted in a journal).
    IR Office Website > Q-RADeRS > Log in

* For papers registered on QIR, DOI will be attached and continuous access is guaranteed(This makes it easier to be quoted). And it can be searched on the Kyudai Collections as well as search engines such as Google and the whole document can be read. It also links to “Kyushu University Researcher Information”. Please use them together.

○How to utilize QIR

Not only papers but various contents created during research activities can also be registered on QIR.

  • ・Slides or posters used for academic conferences or symposiums
  • ・Books you wrote or parts of them (chapters or paragraphs), newsletters, magazines for general readers, articles posted in newspapers, etc.
  • ・Presentation material for lectures, distributed material, study material such as videos
  • ・Papers that received awards (include the fact that a prize was received)
  • Note:
  •  In the case of registering materials that are already published or released as well as registering derivative works, copyright clearance may be needed. For more details, please make inquires through the contact below.