Research Ethics Education and Compliance training


The University provides “Research Ethics Education” regarding ethical rules for researchers and “Compliance training” to understand rules on the use of research funds and to prevent improper action, based on the guideline set by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. This education is to prevent improper action in research activities, promote research activities properly, prevent improper use of research funds and manage research funds properly. Both are available on e-learning. Those who are obligated to take the courses mentioned below must take them. For details on how to take courses, please check the website below.

At the University, researchers who apply for scientific research funds support project need to take “Research Ethics Education” before applying. Upon receiving the offer, before applying for the grant, “Compliance training” needs to be taken.

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○Eligible for the training
  • ・Research Ethics Education (general education for researchers)

    Training required: 1. Faculty members (including special fixed-term faculty members)
    2. Research promotion staff (URA)
    3. Those who conduct research activities among technicians and medical staff
    4. Research fellows
    5. Assistant researchers (technical staff, students who are hired as assistant researchers and technical support staff)
    6. Those who apply for scientific research funds to support projects of Kyushu University
    7. Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (SPD, PD)
    8. Those who are directly involved in research such as graduate students (M, D)

    Training suggested: 1. Non-university personnel engaged in research activities for a certain period of time due to joint research, etc.
    2. Undergraduate students (especially those who are just assigned to laboratories)
    3. Responsible personnel for receiving reports of improper conduct
    4. Office workers of departments related to supporting research

    * “Research Ethics Education” is available through e-learning university-wide as “general education for researchers”. If “specialized education” is available at each department, please take both courses.

  • ・Compliance training

    Training required: All the members who operate and manage research funds (those mentioned below)
    1. All the board members
    2. All faculty and administrative staff (including part-time faculty)
    3. Those who are involved in the operation and management of research funds not mentioned above.
    E.g) Professor emeritus, part-time lecturers, representatives of the research of scientific research funds supporting a project such as the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Research Fellowship for Young Scientists

    * However, if the responsible personnel for promoting compliance (the head of the department) determines that you are not involved in research funds, you are exempt from the training.