Use of Facilities or Equipment

Registration for use of facilities (space management system)

University facilities are the basic tools of our educational and research activities, but at the same time they are a valuable resource for the University’s operation. It is necessary to encourage the use of these facilities in an efficient way.

In order to do this, the University has developed a “Space Management System” that supports the management and operation of our facilities, in order to ensure they are used more efficiently and flexibly.

In order to promote the use of lecture theaters, we also operate a University-wide reservation system.

○The space management system

*Outline of system and operation

This system allows users (faculty members, etc) to register an application for the facility they wish to use, and to manage the utilization status of the facility. The following URL gives access to the space management system. (It can be accessed from outside of the University with the same URL)

*Information provided
  • (1) Scope of users: All teaching staff
  • (2) Facilities searchable: Research rooms, laboratories, etc., available individually to teaching staff
  • (3) Search categories: room name, purpose of use, category/purpose, room utilization organization etc.

○System for reserving lecture rooms

*Outline of system

This web-based system allows users to browse the utilization status of lecture rooms, seminar rooms and conference rooms. You can also make temporary reservations on this system.

Inquiries regarding accurate information on available time and reservations should be made to the person responsible for lecture room operation.

The lecture room reservation system can be accessed from the same URL as the space management system