Use of Facilities or Equipment

Waste disposal

Waste, other than burnable and recyclable resources, must be disposed of in ways compatible with the Waste Management and Public Cleansing Act. Where waste product is disposed of by individual research departments, permission must be obtained from the person responsible in each department.

The University is engaged in the detailed sorting of waste. Please ensure that your own room has a container to collect memos, business cards, postcards, wrapping paper and other paper waste. In order to improve the percentage of waste we recycle, we inspect the volume of paper waste in our burnable waste each year.

Hazardous waste from experiments (for further details, see the “Manual for the Disposal of Liquid and Solid Wastes” below)

TypeCategoryCare requiredEmission format
Waste organic fluidHalogenated organic wastepH>5 or more
Designated flammable substances are waste chemicals
Place in department’s designated drum can
Other organic fluids
Waste inorganic fluidHeavy metals / mercury / fluoride / waste fixer fluidSee Manual of UseSpecified 20L container (note)

Cyanogen waste and arsenic

pH>10 or more
Cyanogen waste and arsenic
Waste chemicals, etc.Inorganic and organic mercury waste liquids, mercury-containing wastes chemicals, mercury-containing sludges, mercury deposited objects, mercury-containing equipment such as thermometersCreate list in summer for collection in October
Waste chemicals, etc.A: Chemical bottles B: Waste product C: AmpoulesCreate list in summer for collection in November
Contagious wastePlace in specialist container, and contact person responsible in department for removal

(Note: For specified 20 L containers, please contact the Environmental Safety Center (092-802-2591))

○Disposing of waste products from experiments

Hazardous wastes (specially-controlled industrial wastes) are collected at each department and regularly collected from all the departments. Collection methods differ at each department. Please inquire to the responsible department. Electronic manifests and administration tables are provided to the responsible personnel of each department. Also, at each time specially-controlled industrial wastes are disposed of.

Regarding separation of wastes from experiments, there are bottles (mutual to domestic wastes), burnable wastes (such as waste plastic), hazardous deposited objects, and non-burnable wastes (mutual to domestic wastes). Please put out waste at the separate collection areas of each department.

○Processing of domestic waste

*Domestic sorted waste

Bottles, drinks cans, PET bottles, polystyrene, metal waste, non-burnable waste
Put out waste at the separate collection areas located at each department and please be sure to follow the rules.

*Other waste products

Batteries: Collected in July, or thereabouts.
Fluorescent tubes: Collected in October, or thereabouts.
Machinery and large-scale waste: Taken to collection storage by person responsible in each department.

○Recycling system

Staff can post information regarding items they are willing to give away or loan, or are looking for, on the web page shown below. Search for items using the “Search for recycled items” function, and if an item comes up, you can contact the person listing it and recycle the item effectively. Please use this system whenever possible.