Support for LGBTs

〇Basic Policy

LGBT is a general term for sexual minorities, formed by the acronyms of Lesbian (female homosexuals), Gay (male homosexuals), Bisexual (people whose sexuality can be either male or female), and Transgender (people whose physical gender is not the same as their perceived gender). Since there are others that cannot be categorized into any of these four groups, the term "LGBTs" is increasingly used, with an "s" added to the end.

Aiming to be a vibrant university that shares responsibility and achievement, the University has established the following basic policies to realize a campus where all students, faculty and staff with various personalities are respected and where everyone can be who they are. In addition, we provide support to ensure that no one is discriminated against or disadvantaged on the basis of gender.

  • Regarding sexual orientation and gender identification, we understand the diversity of human sexuality and promise;
    (1)prohibition of discrimination and harassment,
    (2)respect for self-determination,
    (3)removal of psychological and physical barriers to study and duties, and
    (4)raising awareness among students, faculty and staff.

〇Handling of name and gender information

(1)Use of common name

In principle, the names of students at the university are based on their legal names (family register names) as they appear in the university register. If students wish to use a different name based on their self-identified gender, please follow the specified procedures.

(2)Gender in the registry

We are making a university-wide effort to ensure that, in principle, the gender column is deleted from students lists that are made public to general students, faculty and staff. We ensure that the student's gender information is not disclosed in a way that is unintended by the students.

(3)Handling of gender information regarding documents and certificates, etc.

For documents that require a gender statement, if a student wishes to use a gender based on their self-identified gender, we will consider the possibility of accepting the requests where possible.

〇Coming out and outing

Coming out (disclosure) as LGBTs is not an easy thing , as it may completely change their relationships and social standing. However, it may also be a very serious step for the person who has come out.

Outing is the act of disclosing another person's sexuality without the person's consent. When a student discloses his (her) sexuality to another student, that student may not know how to react and may want to tell someone else. However, "outing" can cause serious emotional distress to the person who came out. If you are feeling unable to cope with the situation alone, please consider consulting a specialist at the Center for Health Sciences and Counseling or other similar offices.

〇Status of facility provisions

*Multi-purpose toilets

The university has multi-purpose toilets that can be used by anyone. The locations can be found on each campus map below.
(Access maps of the campuses)

*Changing and locker rooms

Although we may not be able to meet all requests due to the state of the facilities, we make every effort to accommodate individual requests where possible.

〇Support system for students

In consideration of students' self-identification of gender, the university is working to create an educational environment where students can fully demonstrate their individual abilities, and is actively conducting educational activities to deepen awareness of this issue. We offer consultations regarding classes with the use of locker rooms or off-campus activities involving overnight stays, internships, job hunting and career-related employment activities, study abroad programs, student life including student dormitories and extracurricular activities, and health checkups.