Management and Evaluation

Evaluation of faculty activities

The Kyushu University Faculty Activity Evaluation System, which evaluates the educational and research activities of faculty members, is implemented in accordance with the Kyushu University Faculty Activity Evaluation (Basic Policy) approved by the President on March 17, 2006. All full-time faculty are evaluated. The evaluation is carried out every three years on a departmental basis and covers five areas: education, research, international exchange, social cooperation, and administration. This system was officially launched in FY2008 and was followed by the first evaluation in FY2011, the second in FY2014, the third in FY 2018, and the fourth conducted in FY2021.The fifth will be conducted in FY2024.

The evaluation of faculty activities has two main purposes.

(1) To help the faculty understand the current status of their own education and research activities and to provide clues for improvement.
(2) The heads of the departments grasp the overall status of education and research in their departments, and use such information to consider future plans and support the faculty.

In order to efficiently implement the evaluation of faculty activities, the Faculty Activity Progress and Reporting System (commonly known as Q-RADeRS) has been established to support evaluation, including the preparation and storage of plans and other documents. For more information click here.