Industry/Academia Partnerships

Industry/Academia Partnerships between organizations

○Organizational partnership

“Organizational partnership” meets the research and development needs of individual corporations, but also it creates unique concepts while integrating underlying research of different research elements. Both industry and academia cooperate to develop cutting-edge practical technology which enhances global competitiveness. The purpose is also to revitalize both the education and research of the University. Organizational partnerships organize research groups university-wide to make contracts with corporations. This means that this project is based on a “contract between organizations” - corporations and Kyushu University.

This project is managed by the Open Innovation Platform (Kyushu University), the Academic Research and Industrial Collaboration Management Office (Kyushu University), Industry/Academia Partnerships Section (corporation) and “Collaboration Council” consisting of researcher groups of both industry and academia (Kyushu University original style). This makes it possible to see the results which satisfy both parties, removing the gap of understanding between industry and academia which was an issue in joint research before. Former joint research by the University and corporations “connected them partially” but the organizational partnership research allows for a “broader connection”. From the beginning, the Open Innovation Platform has participated in discussions, making adjustments and coming to agreements regarding the following contents of the contract. 1. Purpose 2. Contents and scope 3. Research plans (Period and deadline of the research) 4. Research systems 5. Funding 6. Management methods 7. Evaluation system of the results 8. Management and operation of intellectual property 9. Public Funding 10. Products of the research results (Refer to Chart 3)

○Joint research department

The joint research department established an on-campus joint research hub (joint research department) and conducts joint research on specific research subjects consecutively for a certain period. It uses joint research funds from private-sector corporations in the framework of research projects of Kyushu University and private-sector corporations. This is an organized and mid-to-long-term organizational partnership project.

The “Faculty members of the Joint research department” who concentrate on this joint research are hired and appointed to perform joint research. The Open Innovation Platform manages the progress of the research and supports the promotion of the research as a part of supporting research projects of organizational partnerships. (Refer to Chart 4)

【Chart 3】About Organizational Partnerships

【Chart 4】About the Joint Research Department