Miscellaneous (Supplementary Materials)

Emergency Response Network

If a disaster occurs when you are at the University campus, please immediately contact your Administrative Office (except holidays or night time) and the Security Office.
In case of an emergency, ensure your safety and call the police, fire department or ambulance.

<Contact information of the Security Office on each campus>
Ito Campus (in front of Big Orange)TEL 092-802-2305 or ext.(90)166
Hakozaki Satellite (Komatsu Gate)TEL 092-642-2196 or ext.(99)8888
Hospital Campus (East Gate)TEL 092-642-6019
Hospital Campus (off hours reception is on the first floor of the hospital’s South Ward)TEL 092-642-5019
Chikushi Campus (Onojo Gate)TEL 090-3196-3400 or ext.(93)7117
Chikushi Campus (Kasuga Gate)TEL 090-3196-3401 or ext.(93)7135
Ohashi Campus (in front of the Main Gate)TEL 092-553-4428 or 090-5292-3130

The Chikuchi Campus Security Office is only open during the night on weekdays and holidays. Contact the Chikushi General Affairs Division during daytime on weekdays. TEL: 092-583-7502

【Evacuation areas on each campus】

In order to protect students, faculty and administrative staff in the event of a disaster, the University designates evacuation areas for each campus. Please make sure that you know where the evacuation areas are in case of emergencies.