University-wide mobilization system

KIKAN Education is the responsibility of the various undergraduate schools. Each undergraduate school has its own responsibilities, and implements a teaching program based on these. The cooperation of faculty members throughout the University is imperative in order to ensure a high standard of general education, which is the first step in our students’ lives at the University.

○Current status

Liberal arts education was formerly provided by the College of General Education, but this was abolished in 1994, as a result of the Deregulation of University Act. With the abolition of the College of Liberal Arts, there was an imbalance in the number of classes taught based on the number of faculty members of the former College of General Education who were assigned to each department (number of divisions), as well as in the calculation based on the number of students determined at the time of the merger with the School of Health Science Kyushu University and the Kyushu Institute of Design. Due to the launch of the KIKAN Education curriculum for new entrants in the 2014 academic year, the calculation methods used hitherto have been updated and a basic policy on the university-wide mobilization system has been set out, assigning faculty members in accordance with the number of faculty members affiliated to each faculty, etc. in the 2013 academic year. To ensure the quality of education, some faculty members are allocated in advance to some faculties in some subjects, depending on the content of those subjects. Moreover, the mid-term objectives state that the university "will pursue the formation of human resources that have rich knowledge, skills and humanity as well as the international perspectives, and can actively continue lifelong learning at a high level." Accordingly, the Faculty of Arts and Science was established in October 2011 as the organization tasked with providing liberal arts education from a new perspective, with a view to achieving this goal. The Faculty of Arts and Science is coordinating the university’s efforts to build a university-wide mobilization system based on this policy, to enhance the KIKAN Education curriculum.