Information service

Information service

Kyushu University provides the information infrastructure required by faculty members for their ICT activities at the university in the form of the services described below.

  • Details of main services
    • (1) Lending and returns desk for installation media of Microsoft products and management thereof
    • (2) Simple advice regarding computer issues
    • (3) Inquiries about University-wide ID (SSO-KID)
    • (4) Inquiries about University-wide IC cards (student IDs, staff IDs, personal cards, etc.)
    • (5) Wireless LAN (kitenet, edunet, eduroam) settings support, on-site response in the event of network issues if requested by the main office
  • Service centers and contacts
    Ito Campus: iCube Support Desk (Central Library 4F) [(Ito 90) 092-802-5868]
      Education Information Service (Research Institute for Information Technology Building 3F) [(Ito 90) 092-802-2695]
    Ohashi Campus: Ohashi Office (Design Infrastructure Center Information Infrastructure Office) [(Ohashi 95) 092-553-9469]
    Chikushi Campus: Chikushi Office (Faculty of Engineering Sciences F-3F) [(Chikushi 93) 092-583-7845]
    Maidashi Campus: Maidashi Office (Medical Library 1F) [(Maidashi 91) -092-642-6424]

○Network (KITE, kitenet, edunet, eduroam)

We provide the campus network (KITE: Kyushu university Integrated information Transmission Environment) and the campus wireless LAN network (kitenet) for use by staff, faculty members, and students of Kyushu University, as well as by visitors to the University. We support the public access network (kitenet-WiMAX2+). Our duties include technical support and PR activities targeting users, as well as providing technical support for security measures, such as operating the university-wide firewall. We coordinate interconnection with external networks (including SINET, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and other research networks) and provide research support to researchers using those networks.

○Basic University-wide email

The University-wide email service is a system to provide basic and official email services to members (staff and students) of Kyushu University. It is an official e-mail service forming the information infrastructure for the sharing of important information and communicating between members of the University. Important information from the University is sent to this email address so please check it regularly.

○File-sharing system (Proself)

The file-sharing system enables files to be uploaded to the server and shared with others by emailing them the URL from which they can download the files in question. This enables files to be shared easily with others, both within the University and outside it, without the need to attach those files to an e-mail. The service can be used by any staff member, faculty member, or student, as long as they have a common university ID (SSO-KID).

○Provision of Campus license

Kyushu University is providing services of Microsoft products based on the comprehensive licensing agreement with Microsoft. Based on this agreement, services provided by Microsoft are being used. In addition to this, we provide a Symantec security software service, and facilitate the purchase of Adobe Inc. products at CLP purchase discounts, for which academic institutions are eligible.

○Educational support service

The educational support service is the provision of an educational environment utilizing ICT for use in classes and study sessions.

* M2B Learning Support System

It is an educational learning environment with a web learning system for e-learning, a study dashboard system and a broadcasting digital material system.


* Server to learn programing

It is a Linux server to learn programing and it can be accessed from outside the campus.

* QUEENS (Kyushu University Educational ENvironment Service) System

It provides the same Windows 10 environment as VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) to students.

* Online training system

It is an e-training system for training purposes (Moodle).

After log-in, “Take courses” appears on the top page.

○Microsoft 365 Cloud Services

Members of Kyushu University may use Microsoft’s 365 service. The services available are as follows.

  • ・Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise (Office licenses for desktop version and mobile version)
  • ・OneDrive for Business (cloud-based file storage)
  • ・Teams (Online conferences, audio calls, some functions are limited)
  • ・Office Online (Use of Office on web browser)

However, those whose SSO-KID starts with “a” (except Professor Emeritus) are not eligible to use Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise.

It cannot be used after graduation or retirement.


Webex is a video conferencing platform which has encrypting features between the attendants and can be used for conferences handling confidential information. The Webex account is needed only when you are hosting an online conference and will be issued when applied for. You don't need an account to join the Webex conference.

○Education and research support service


We can provide a cutting-edge computing system for research, offering a scientific computation service, as well as technical support and training to users.


We can host a web server or email server on the Information Infrastructure Initiative’s server, and can register any domain name requested by the department, for a charge.


○Provision of ID services

*University-wide ID (SSO-KID)

The University-wide ID comprises an ID and password provided to each member of the University, which improves the convenience, reliability and safety of their use of information services within the University. Staff and students are issued with a SSO-KID. External part-time teaching staff and contract staff, etc., can be issued with an SSO-KID on application.

The University-wide ID gives access to a wide range of University information services.

In addition, using your SSO-KID and matrix password (printed on the back of your staff IC ID card) on the matrix authentication system QMAX allows you to use highly secure services from outside the university. Please see the site below for information services that you can use with your SSO-KID and matrix password. Details of how to use your matrix password can also be found here.

For example, “Academic Information System (Web system)” allows you to download a course roster and register academic results from outside the campus.

*University-wide IC card

The University-wide IC card is based on MIID (Media Independent ID), which was developed in Kyushu University’s System LSI Research Center. It is Kyushu University’s own brand of IC card. It was subsequently improved and is now called VRICS (Value and Right Circulation Control System). Services that can be accessed with the University-wide IC card include entry to buildings on the Ito Campus, entry to vehicle gates, entry to libraries and book loans, and e-money for use in the University Cooperative. Types of card include student IDs, staff IDs, personal cards for part-time staff or students, and guest cards for visitors.

*Support for obtaining ISMS certification

The Information Infrastructure Initiative uses its wealth of experience to assist schools, institutes and faculties interested in obtaining ISMS (ISO 27001) certification by providing information about such matters as consideration of work processes in order to obtain this certification.