Career support/employment support for students

In order to support students in improving their career and employment prospects, the University implements guidance and other programs on career and employment support. The Career and Scholarship Support Division provides university-wide support, and the main content of these activities is as described below.

Some undergraduate schools also implement their own career support, for example by offering employment opportunities restricted to that undergraduate school, providing school (professor/dean) referrals, or providing relevant information to students. This is done by the student affairs section in each undergraduate or graduate school.

In the science-related undergraduate and graduate schools, each department and section has a member of staff responsible for employment support, working in cooperation with the administrative office and undergraduate or graduate school student affairs section, while in humanities-related undergraduate and graduate schools, the student affairs section plays a major role in partnering with faculty members to offer support to students.

Students should be advised not to miss out on opportunities arising from the information available, while at the same time being encouraged to utilize the Career and Scholarship Support Division, the student affairs section in their undergraduate or graduate school, and to make use of the faculty members responsible for employment advice, as well as the career counselors located on each of the four campuses. This will help improve their own career prospects and ensure that they select a career path that they will not regret in the future.

○Career guidance (for lower-year students)

Mainly focused on lower-year students (first and second year), it offers guidance to assist with cultivating an interest in employment, and increasing abilities that will assist with future decision making.

○Self-education support program

* TOEIC program (English) (Implemented in September to December < eight-week course / weekend intensive course>)

This program aims to train students in the practical English skills necessary for employment, or once they proceed to graduate school. Students take TOEIC/IP tests before and after the course, in order to show their progress.

○ Internships (Implemented mainly in the summer and spring breaks, or during other long holidays)

Internships are training programs that involve students actually working in companies, etc., and offer an excellent opportunity for them to consider whether a certain job is what they would like to do in the future. At Kyushu University, we partner with public organizations to offer internships to students mainly during the summer and spring break.

○Training for public servant examinations (Implemented throughout the year, from April onwards)

Students wishing to follow a career in public service can undergo training organized by the Kyushu University Cooperative Organization. The course is offered to students at a reduced price and provided on Campus. This makes it easy to attend and a beneficial investment of time and money.

○Employment guidance and seminars

*Employment guidance

The university offers employment guidance with a primary focus on those seeking employment at companies. Speakers from major employment support companies (such as Recruit and Mynavi) are invited to provide practical advice on job-seeking activities, covering such areas as job-seeking in general, the selection process followed by companies, ways of researching sectors and individual companies, self-appraisal, and interview techniques.

Moreover, the university invites those dealing with personnel and hiring at national institutions and local government bodies to provide guidance to those wishing to become public servants, explaining such aspects as the duties of each institution and their hiring policies.

*Employment seminars

The university organizes a wide range of employment seminars featuring practical knowledge about job-seeking activities, entry sheet preparation, interview preparation and group discussion courses to help students succeed in the increasingly diverse interview process.

○Company information sessions

*Individual on-campus company information sessions

These are individual company information sessions limited to Kyushu University students. It is held upon a request from a company.

* Currently, the sessions are held online.

*Joint on-campus company information sessions

To coincide with the start of company recruitments, the biggest company information session on campus is held in March, inviting HR staff members from corporations. In addition to this event, we invite corporations to an event entitled "Industry and corporation research for Kyushu University students" several times a year.

*Job fairs

Around June, HR staff from companies are invited to hold sessions for students who have not yet received informal job offers.

*Company information sessions for international students

Company information sessions for international students. Companies which are willing to hire international students are invited.

○Employment counseling (Implemented year-round)

At our, Ito, Ohashi, Chikushi and Hospital Campuses, specialists with a wealth of experience and expertise are assigned as career and employment advisors to provide detailed guidance and consultation on all aspects of employment activities, including providing employment information, advice on documentation preparation such as creation of entry sheets, self-promotion and interview preparations, as well as counseling on career choices, etc.

○Employment support for Ph.D. students

The university provides Ph.D. holders and Ph.D. candidates employment advice, organizes medium- to long-term internships, and company information sessions, etc.

○Employment support for international students

We hold various support programs for international students who wish to find a job in Japan, such as the "Job hunting strategies lecture", the "Business Japanese language and manners course", and the "Company information sessions for international students".

○Provision of information on employment and employment activities (Implemented year-round)

*Career Guidance Offices

Career Guidance Offices are located at the Ito Center and West Zones, providing employment information for students throughout the university. Students can drop in to browse companies' brochures and information about employment.

*Kyushu University Job and Career Support Section System

Job posting, information on internship, reports on job hunting activities are made available for viewing on Kyushu University Job and Career Support System. In addition, company information (capital, contact information, etc.) and recruitment information are available on the Kyushu University Job and Career Support System.