The University Library

Research support

Kyushu University Library supports research activities through the provision not only of around 4 million books and periodicals, but also more than 10,000 electronic journals and e-resources such as literature databases. Our collection makes us one of the top-class libraries within Japan.

The various services can be accessed from the University Library website.

 Kyushu University Library website

○Procedures for use

*Library card

Your IC staff ID card (Kyushu University University-Wide IC Card) functions as a library card. Please bring it with you when you visit the Library. (IC staff ID card)

○Searching for papers and books

Please use the search service on the Library website. The website features a discovery service that helps you to identify the academic investigation that you need for your research activities. You can search efficiently for academic resources in all kinds of formats, including electronic journals, electronic books, databases, books, and periodicals.

If accessing material such as electronic journals and databases from outside the university, logging in with your SSO-KID allows you to use the site in more or less the same way as if you were on campus.


This page allows you to batch search for books and periodicals in the collections of Kyushu University Library, as well as electronic journals and electronic books to which it has subscriptions, rare books that have been digitized, doctoral dissertations and QIR (research output of Kyushu University researchers). In addition, you can order materials from other campuses and reserve materials currently on loan.

*World Contents

Useful contents can be found quickly among the vast amounts and huge variety of academic information sources all over the world regardless of language, media and whether you can use it or not at the University. There is a great deal of material that cannot be reached by general search engines such as Google. You can also easily find the location of paper-based materials at the university libraries, and you can quickly access to contents of electronic journals or e-books with which they have a contract at the University.

* Second use of digitalized images which are available on the Kyudai Collection

Among digitalized images of the Kyushu University Library which are available on the Kyudai Collection, images on which the copyright protection period has ended (now public domain) can be freely used for free without any application beforehand. They can be modified and used for commercial purposes as well.

Second use of graphics data of valuable materials

○Purchase of materials using research funds

*Book orders
The basic process for purchasing books using research funds is as follows.

  • (1) Please request your purchase on "My page".
  • (2)Books are ordered by the Campus Library that receives the request data
  • (3)Books are delivered to the Campus Library
  • (4)Once the books have been inspected and prepared, they may be loaned to the research facility.

*When entering a request for purchase, you will be connected to the financial accounting system to select the relevant budget. Persons without a User ID or password for the financial accounting system should contact the person responsible for accounting in their department.

*If you are not able to enter details from the Library website, please complete a book-purchasing request and submit it to your Campus Library..

Note: Books are a valuable part of the University’s basic estate. Books purchased must be line with the “Handling criteria for Kyushu University Library resources,” and must, in principle, be registered as part of the University’s property.

*Subscription to periodicals

[Domestic periodicals]

Requesting a new subscription or stopping it can be done on the Library website. If there are administrative personnel at your department, please apply through them. Budget information of Financial accounting systems is needed in applying for it. Please inquire through the accountant at your department beforehand.

Applications are always accepted, however, if the subscription is an annual one, new subscriptions or stopping them can be limited.

[International periodicals]

International periodical subscription contracts can take time, so contracts for the reservation of international periodicals are considered between late June and early July each year, for the start of the following year, and decisions taken in August. If there are particular titles you would like to read, please apply at this time.

*Subscriptions to electronic journals

Electronic journals are purchased out of University funds or out of departmental funds, depending on the journal. If you would like to subscribe to a new electronic journal via departmental funds, please make the application between late June and early July each year, at the same time as reserving overseas periodical subscriptions.

○Request for donation of books

The Library collects publications by members of its staff, and not only supplies them to users (one or two copies) but also implements materials exchanges (one copy) with its sister school, Seoul University. We would be grateful to receive copies of any books you publish.