Distinguished Professor system

To promote, support, and further revitalize high-level research activities, the Distinguished Professor System grants the title of “Distinguished Professor” to those who have attained remarkable achievements in their specialized areas and played leading roles in the university's research strategy.

Those who are granted the title of Distinguished Professor who fit the description mentioned above and the representatives are granted the following competitive funds.

  • 1. The main categories of the Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Projects (Specially Promoted Research, Transformative Research Areas (A)), general affairs team, new academic area research, general affairs team, Scientific Research (S) as well as Scientific Research (A) (however, only Section for Facilities of the Department of Humanities, Human-Environment Studies, Law, Economics and Integrated Sciences for Global Society )
  • 2. A center prescribed in the Regulations regarding specific large scale education and research project center of Kyushu University Article 2 Appended Table 2
  • 3. Equivalent competitive funds to 1 and 2

Distinguished Professors receive preferential treatment in salary while engaging in research projects that meet all the criteria mentioned above.