Academic Information System

The Academic Information System manages basic student information, academic records, course grades, and other information related to courses, such as syllabus details, course rosters, and academic result registries.

The system also functions as a portal for the distribution of information from the University to students, which is used not only for sending emergency communications to students in the event of a natural disaster, but also for offering services that enable them to view syllabus details, register for courses, check their results, and browse information on studying abroad.

The system began to be used the main one in use within the University, providing information and data to other related systems.



To log in to the Academic Information System, a University ID (SSO-KID) and user registration are required in advance.

Those who don't have University IDs due to being part-time workers, etc. can obtain a University ID upon application.

In principle, the faculty member in charge of the class is registered as the user, so if you have trouble logging in using your University ID, please contact the Academic Affairs Section of your department.

○Syllabus Registration

Except for a few departments, the syllabi are registered, updated, and made available both inside and outside the university using the web system of the Academic Information System.

Since the registration period differs from department to department, please register based on the communication from the faculty in charge of each department.

○Course Registration (obtaining the course rosters)

Course registration can be done through the Academic Information System by students online. The School of Medicine and School of Dentistry, as well as some graduate schools and intensive courses, however, do not allow on-line registration of enrollment. (This does not apply to the Department of Health Sciences).

Once the server has processed the transfer of course information to the faculty, the course roster can be downloaded through the web system. Downloading of the course rosters is available off-campus as well, but authentication with a matrix password is required for off-campus use (*For information on matrix passwords, see

○Registration of results

The faculty web system may be used to register academic results from both on and off-campus.

However, authentication with a matrix password is required for off-campus use.

Other than in the Department of Health Sciences, the internet-based system cannot be used to record results for courses at the School of Medicine and some graduate schools, as well as intensive courses. Submission methods and periods for reporting of results should be confirmed with administrative staff in each department.


●Related systems

○Automatic ID issuing system

Students can obtain certificates of enrollment, student discount cards, health certificates, academic transcripts, and certificates of expected graduation (completion) from the automatic certificate issuance machine or convenience stores located on each campus.