Performance evaluation of faculty members

Performance evaluation of faculty members


Since 2020, Kyushu University has introduced performance evaluations of faculty members along with a new annual salary scheme. This was to establish a balanced salary system and a performance evaluation based on a clear and unified assessment criteria, as well as to revitalize the organization and to keep outstanding faculty members.

○Target faculty members

In principle, all the faculty members are subject to the performance evaluation regardless of their salary system (monthly or annually).

○Evaluation period

  • ・The evaluation period is from April 1 to March 31 of the following year in general.
  • ・The evaluation period for those who are hired during the academic year is from the first day of employment to the following March 31.

○Evaluation result

The performance evaluation will be conducted according to the assessment criteria on “Guidelines Concerning Performance Evaluation of Faculty Members”. The result will be decided on one of the sections mentioned below.

○Evaluation process

  • 1. The faculty members' performance reports are given to the Deans of their departments.
    The faculty member who is the subject of the evaluation fills out a self-evaluation report for the prescribed period and submits it to the Deans by June 20.
  • 2. Evaluation by Deans and report to the board of trustees
    The Deans examine the self- evaluation report of the faculty member in light of the assessment criteria and decide on the evaluation result. The result in a required format is to be submitted to the board of trustees by August 10.
  • 3. Informing of the evaluation result to the faculty member
    The board of trustees decides the evaluation results by October 31 and informs of the result in a required format to the faculty member who is the subject of the evaluation.
    (Complaints can be filed in a required format by November 30 to the president)

  • 4. Results reflected in standing
    The evaluation results will be reflected in the chart as shown below.

Performance report
  • 業績報告書