Payments to faculty members

○Payment methods

Salaries, business travel expenses etc are paid via bank transfer.

○Registering an account for payment

Fill out the “Transfer agreement for salaries etc” document and please submit it to the accounts section (salaries) of your department.

Regarding the agreement form, please inquire at the accounts section (salaries) of your department.

In cases of changing the account for transfer, please immediately contact the accounts section (salaries) of your department.

Accounts for transfer are financial institutions including Japan Post Bank.

A personal seal and signature on the agreement is not required.

○Payment dates, etc.

Payment dates are as below. Dates of payment are as below. They may vary slightly when national holidays, etc., occur.

  • ▶Salaries: 21st of the month
  • ▶Bonuses: 30th June and 10th December
  • ▶Business travel costs*: Paid once a week, in principle
  • ▶Payments received on behalf of others* : Paid twice a week, in principle
  • ▶Honorariums: 13th of the month
  • ▶International money transfer: 7th and 23rd of the month

*The number of payments for business travel costs and payments received on behalf of others may differ in weeks in which a national holiday falls.

○Notification of payment

Staff will be sent a payment slip by electronic means (viewable online) when receiving salary or a bonus.

Reimbursement of business travel and other costs will be notified by email, sent to the address allocated to faculty members at the time of their employment (“surname“.“name“."3-digit number" The email will detail the date of payment, amount paid and breakdown of the payment.

Where students at this University (postgraduates on taught courses and postgraduates on research courses) are to receive payment for travel expenses for business purposes, notification of the date, amount and details of payment will be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address registered on the student portal.